Monday, 8 May 2017

Colourpop Haul | Liquid Lipstick Heaven!

I finally bit the bullet and did a Colourpop order, trying to put the customs cost and shipping out of my mind. Ignorance is bliss!

Because of shipping I thought i may as well get all of the colours i want, rather than being stingy and wanting to buy more later on. So i ended up with 8 liquid lipsticks, a highlighter and an eyebrow pencil which i think is a really good introduction to Colourpop for me. I always knew i would love the liquid lippies, so just thought i'd throw in a couple of other products to give them a test too.

When i initially opened up the parcel, i did look at the lipsticks and think have i just bought the same shade 8 times?! They look so similar in the tube, but actually were surprisingly very different on the lips!

Left to right: Times Square, Littlestitious, Viper, Beeper, Trap, Midi, Lumiere 2, Solow, Smokin' Whistles Highlighter, Dope Taupe Brow pencil.

The lipsticks are dreamy. They stay all day, they are beautiful shades and so pigmented! Obviously they can be a bit drying, but a good lip balm underneath really helps to prime the lips. My favourite shades are Times Square and Midi as they are just the most beautiful nude shades. Viper and Lumiere 2 were not the colours i expected, however maybe it will take me out of my comfort zone for once!

As for the highlighter, i feel i didn't choose the right shade for my skin tone as it was quite difficult to choose online. As i'm very pale, this was a little too golden and orangey for me, however maybe it will work with a tan. It also has an odd consistency, it's hard to pick up on a makeup brush as it's almost a wet, creamy texture. It's best applied with the finger in my opinion.

The eyebrow pencil is again too warm toned for me, which i didn't expect as it's called Dope Taupe, i figured it would be quite taupey and cool. But it does fill in sparse areas really well and is so affordable.

What do you think of my choices? Have you bought anything from Colourpop?

Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading Xx

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  1. Hahah, I know the feeling of being surprised at the shades of lipsticks when I order online. They often are the similar dusky rose shades because I'm obsesed with them too. You picked some great ones - especially Midi and Times Square x I want to get their spring sands collection soon.

    1. Haha yes, they looked like nudes online and then they're purple in real life lol. Thank you, I'll have to have a look at that collection!! Xx

  2. How strange that they look so similar in the packaging but then the swatches are so varied and lovely! I always apply these liquid lipsticks with my finger as well, or I end up spreading it everywhere and I look like the joker! :D

    1. I know really strange! Haha good idea, and if it does spread everywhere it's so hard to remove lol xx

  3. The swatches are so gorgeous - the pigmentation is great! I have been wanting to do a ColorPop order for quite some time now, so maybe I will purchase some of these! I love your blog - keep up the amazing work :D
    -Jenna <3
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