Thursday, 7 July 2016

MAC Lipstick Collection!

It's time to share one of my little addictions. Lipsticks. I cannot stop buying them, and as soon as i see a really nice colour on someone, i mentally take a note of the brand and shade ready to purchase it. Unfortunately one of my favourite brands at the moment is MAC, which are £15 each :( So far i have 6, which isn't too extreme, but it is continually growing. So here they are:

From left to right:
Lovelorn (Lustre) - This is such a beautiful neutral pink. It's very moisturising and glossy, but that does mean you have to re-apply it often.

Creme Cup (Cremesheen) - For me, this is the perfect pink nude. You could wear this for any occasion and it looks beautiful. It's very moisturising and has a lovely shiny finish.

Brave (Satin) - I love this as it's a my-lips-but-better colour, and is the perfect lipstick for any makeup look!

Rebel (Satin) - This is the most beautiful Autumn/Winter shade and would look amazing on all skin tones.

Pink Nouveau (Satin) - I love this bubblegum shade, it's such a barbie pink and lasts on your lips so well!

Velvet Teddy (Matte) - This is such a talked about lipstick. Practically every youtuber/blogger owns this, and i couldn't miss out on this bandwagon. I didn't actually expect to love it as much as i do, but it is actually my favourite lipstick that i own! It is the most stunning nude, and makes your lips look so full and works with any makeup look.

What do you think of my shades? Also let me know your favourite MAC lipstick because I love finding new ones!

Thanks for reading Xx

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  1. Ooh I like the look of Brave, Rebel and Velvet Teddy for sure! Might have to purchase.. ;)

    Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

    1. Yes they're amazing! Definitely have a swatch when you're in a store next :D xx

  2. I love the look of Brave, I love mac lipsticks I pretty much use them everyday!

    CharlotteSamantha // OX

    1. Brave is amazing! I use them daily too, they are so good aren't they?! xx

  3. Great post! MAC lipsticks are by far my favourite formula :) I not have 21... oops! My collection has grown so quick this year.. just can't stop buying them :D you have some great shades here! x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Wow 21, that's impressive!! I would love to have that many :D xx

  4. Ah lovely post! I own two Mac lipsticks including Brave and Plumful. I noticed you included Brave in your collection, and I totally agree it’s a my lips but better shade. I don’t own velvet teddy but would love too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. I reaaally want to try Plumful it looks like such a pretty shade! I would definitely recommend you checking out velvet teddy :D xx


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