Saturday, 5 December 2015

Trying American Candy!

American Candy tasting are my favourite Youtube videos to watch. So i thought i would do something similar on my blog! I'm just going to write my exact thoughts as i try them!

Butterfinger bites
Woah the texture is so strange inside. They taste like Reese's but they have a weird brittle crispy centre that's just confusing for me. They are also sooo sweet, i could not eat another one! 1/5 - pretty gross!

Cookie dough bites
Okay i like the chocolate flavour, and if you're a chocoholic then these will probably be right up your street. They're quite small but yet i feel i could eat maximum 3 as they are so sickly. I like the taste though, and think they would be a good diet treat when you're craving chocolate as you can barely eat any haha! 3/5 - good in small doses!

These are nice! They are very tangy and I like the different flavours except I just tried the purple one and that tasted really weird to me. They remind me of the refresher sweets as they have a nice fizzy flavour to them. I think they deserve a 4/5.

Hersheys cookies n cream
I didn't expect I would like this as people often complain about the quality of the chocolate but maybe the milk chocolate is worse because this flavour was really good! This is definitely my kind of chocolate with the cookie pieces in. It seems a lot more sugary and sweet than British chocolate so I had one piece and didn't feel like I could eat much more but the taste is really good! 4/5

Reeses crunch bites
I love Reeses products as I'm a peanut butter fan and these have not disappointed. 4/5

Let me know what you think of any of these! Also do you have any American treat recommendations?

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  1. I hate hersheys kisses but the actual bars are SO good I think, I wish I liked reeses but they are too sweet for me xxx

    1. I've never tried Hershey kisses! In fact these are the first American sweets I've ever tried. I agree though that Reeses are very sweet haha! Xx

  2. I struggle with american candy as I have a nut allergy - but the one I LOVE, are the Junior Mints! Tania xx

    1. I've never tried Junior Mints before, I'll look for those next time! Xx

  3. I love Hershey's cookies and cream too!! Perfect for a sweet tooth! Xxx

    1. So good aren't they?! And yes you definitely need a sweet tooth :P xx

  4. Cookies and cream is so nice, I agree, I think it's the American milk chocolate that gets the bad press (and for good reason too - it tastes a little too much like sick for my liking!) I really like Twinkies and have seen them around, they are very, very sweet but have an almost syrupy flavour :) xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua: Travel, Food, Italy

  5. The Hersey's Kisses are awful but the bars are amazing (Not quite sure why?!) I agree the Chocolate Fudge Cookie Dough is nice but only a couple at a time as they are quite sickly. I love American chocolate, you should try the white fudge flavour pretzels, they are so good it tastes like icing :-)

    Maxine xx


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